I started this blog as a creative outlet to share with other mamas out there who are working hard to balance careers, family and their own inspirational dreams. It’s not an easy journey, but as loving moms, we’re all in this together!

Who am I?

A ferociously loving mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend. 
I became a mama on the very best day of my life – June 30th, 2019. It was the scariest day of my life, and by far the most painful, but my favourite day without a doubt! My daughter is just as wildly spirited as I am, but she’s also the sweetest little old soul I know. Along with her daddy, she is my very best friend.
My husband and I met surprisingly online in 2015 and after just a few months of a whirlwind romance, we decided to move in together and really get serious. Just 10 months later we were engaged, and exactly a year after that we were married in a small elopement ceremony in Canmore, Alberta. It was the 2nd best day of my life. <3
I have a great relationship with my mom, dad and sister who live close to us. I also try and spend as much time as my busy schedule will allow with friends. But that’s not always an easy feat for us working moms!

What are my passions?

Besides my family, I love having a career that gives me a health work life balance while also being a fun way to interact with people everyday. 
When I’m not in the coffee shop you can usually find me at home spending time with my family, of course catching up on the thousands of chores that need doing or also working on my paintings. Their paint-by-number though so some say that would be cheating. 
I also love spending time at farmer’s markets people watching and eating delicious gourmet treats, or walking through an antique mall searching for the perfect vintage treasure. I can shop the typical modern retail stores too, and sometimes I love nothing more than taking a few minutes for myself and drinking my favourite beverage while perusing the aisles of Winners or Chapters. To be truthful, I don’t remember the last time I left either of those stores without a bag of goodies in my hand!